Welcome to Australia Migration Services

Australia Migration Services (AMS) is a premium Australian Firm with experienced Registered Migration Agents and recruitment specialist specializing in International Recruitment and Migration to Australia, we committed to achieving results for our clients no matter whether you are a business or an individual.

We have a thorough understanding of Australia's Migration Laws and Regulations, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's (DIAC) Policies. Our training, background and skills enable us to provide specialist assistance to clients in a professional and efficient manner.

We understand the pressure and complexities involved in applying to migrate or visit Australia. We listen to our clients and aim to make their visa application process simple and cost effective. Peace of mind comes from the knowledge that your application is being processed by a qualified professional with legal training.

Australian Migration Laws and Regulations and DIAC Policy are quite complex, and are subject to frequent change. The success of your application depends upon it being processed with the correct information addressing these complex laws and regulations. The decision you are making to come to Australia is an important one and worthy of proper care and attention by a trained and qualified legal professional.

Processing time for visa application can vary significantly and we understand that your time is important. With our legal training and solid experience, Australia Migration services can cut through the red tape, saving you stress, time and therefore, money.