Full Services - Complete visa applications

Full Services

AMS Migration offers a full services package where we will manage.

Detailed Assessment & Preparation


AMS Migration Consultant will collect, examine and assess all the necessary information and documentation necessary for your application; inform you of the likelihood of success; and advise you of any factors that may increase the prospect of a successful application and of factors that may assist in obtaining a prompt processing from DIAC.

Your Registered Migration Agent will work with you to ensure that all your application documents are presented in the prescribed format for the relevant authorities- Government, Industrial or otherwise.

Application Submission & Lodgment


AMS Migration Consultant will not only advise of the relevant skilled occupation or sponsorship that may be required, but also prepare any necessary submission to the relevant bodies such assessing authorities, State or Territory Governments or Employers. This will ensure that all the necessary conditions are fulfilled before undertaking the lodgment of your application to the DIAC.

Lodgment & Monitoring Up Till Decision


AMS Migration Consultant will review all the material provided by you to check that they conform to the legal criteria specified for the grant of the visa; and prepare and lodge your Visa Application with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

After Lodgment, Your Registered Migration Agent will monitor the processing of your application, liaise with the immigration authorities and respond to any questions raised by the authorities. At every stage in the process your case consultant will provide written advice and regular progress reports, together with on-going supervision and advancement of your case. The end result - VISA APPLICATION SUCCESS.

* Professional fees are depend on the specific visa application, Enquiry NOW